Equine Escapes
"Connecting to nature through the eyes of the horse..."

We are currently closed during the rainy season and will reopen in the spring. See everyone soon!

Join our majestic herd for an adventure in the foothills of the Cascades
Equine Escapes offers 1 & 2 hour guided trail rides just 45 minutes from Seattle in the Cascade foothills.  The rides are appropriate for all those over the age of 6.  We feel honored to have the privilege to share our herd with the you!
Kelly, the founder of Equine Escapes believes time spent with horses is magical and is sharing her herd with other animal loving future friends is a known passion for her.  When there are available resources, Kelly works with other equine rescues or feedlots to rehabilitate equines looking for a forever home.  Over half of our herd are rescued horses that love people, being on the trails, and their new equine family.  It takes a special horse to allow numerous strangers to sit upon their back, take offered instructions, and still thoroughly enjoy it.  For horses not happy having this type of purpose, Kelly attempts to set them up for success doing something that they do enjoy and find their forever home.  
It is our hope that you enjoy your visit with us and allow yourself to experience nature and connect through the eyes of the horse!

Trail Rides
Our trail rides are offered for those 6 years old and older. Max weight is 225lbs, unless individual is of exceptional fitness level or very tall. If over 225lbs and meeting this criteria, special arrangements must be made to ensure we have the appropriate horse saved for you.

1 Hour Trail Ride - $60 p/person
2 Hour Trail Ride - $90 p/person

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Group size of 6 people. If you have a larger group, please contact us.

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Meet the Equine Escapes Herd
* denotes a rescued horse
Trinity is an Andalusian- Quarter horse (aka Azteca) mare. She is a sassy girl and referred to as "The Princess" at home. Although she's sassy, she has an incredible work ethic, extremely athletic, agile, and enjoys searching everyone for snacks.
Thunder *
Thunder is a Quarter horse who is in "love" with Trinity and will follow her to the ends of the trail! On the trail he's a good 'ole boy that enjoys chillin in the back. At the trailhead he's entertaining to watch as he will often start to fall asleep listening to the instructions.
Kid *
Kid is adorable and almost as wide as he is tall! Kid is a Haflinger who loves giving hugs almost as much as he loves eating. Very aptly named, he is always into mischief but who can get upset with that face?!
Bailey *
Bailey is a gorgeous tall thoroughbred who is at times a brat at home,  but a professional under saddle. He is extremely bonded with the owner Kelly, so she is likely to be the one riding this handsome fella. 
Dakota is a Quarter Horse and the leader of the herd. He is extremely stoic and the cornerstone of the herd. He is a strong and just leader and we are grateful to have him as the leader of his family. 
Diego *
Diego is a Quarter Horse and a complete sweetheart! He loves rubs on his forehead and nuzzling. At home, he is Kelly's shadow. Unfortunately, Diego has developed some lameness issues and won't be joining us on the trails in the near future. :-(
Nemo *
Nemo is a funny yet easy going fella. He got his named due to his gimpy right ear that previously had a blood wart. He enjoys doing his own thing and conserves his energy on the trail to "catching up".
Red is a Quarter Horse and #2 in the pecking order of the herd.  He's a good 'ole western fella with a beautiful western jog and wonderfully responsive.
Jack *
Jack is an adorable Appaloosa/Arabian cross and comes in a compact package. He is an absolute sweetheart that everyone loves!
Ace is a large Quarter Horse and another good 'ole boy. Sitting low in the pecking order he usually gets picked on and thoroughly enjoys spending time with his human family. He was previously a roping horse and part of the Pierce County's Sheriff Posse team. Way to go, Ace!
Teddy is an Belgian Draft/Thoroughbred cross. He weighs approximately 1900lbs and a gentle giant. He loves his belly scratched like a big puppy dog!
Ronin *
Ronin is a Quarter Horse who prefers his human family over his equine family. He is extremely stoic and loves attention and quickly becomes your shadow once given affection. 
Kai is one in a million! His previous owner rescued him as a Mustang colt from the Yakima area.  He was donated to Equine Escapes as the previous owner was off to school and wanted to ensure he would have a safe and happy home. Little Kai is the class clown of the herd and keeps everyone, including us two legged kind on our toes. He is hilarious to watch and play with! AND...he LOVES giving wet kisses! He will hopefully join us on the trails in a few years. 
Rayne *
Rayne is a bold Quarter Horse mare. She is very curious loves to "take charge" if you're too relaxed or moving too slow for her pace. She is still in training and hasn't joined us on the trail other than being ponied.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Do you have a minimum age?
     - Yes, the minimum age is 6 yrs old
2. Do you have a maximum weight limit?
     - The max weight limit is 225lbs, unless the individual is of exceptional fitness level or over 6 ft tall.
3. Do you provide helmets?
     Yes, we offer helmets to all participants. Those under 18 yrs of age are required to wear a helmet and is optional for adults. HOWEVER - we STRONGLY recommend a helmet for everyone.
4. How do I cancel or reschedule my ride?
     - Your confirmation email should have a link to cancel or reschedule your ride. Alternatively, you can go online to www.bookeo.com/equineescapes, sign in and perform the change.
5. What is your cancellation policy?
     - We require a minimum of 48 hours notice to cancel your ride without any cancellation fees. If you cancel within 48 hours of your ride, you will be charged the full price for all participants in your group.
6. Does Equine Escapes ever cancel rides?
     - We will cancel a ride if we believe the riding conditions may be hazardous. Such conditions include snow, ice, high winds, or lightning/thunder. No charges are made if Equine Escapes must cancel the rides due to inclement weather.
7. Can I arrange for a group ride for more than 6 people?
     - The group size we can accommodate is typically 6 people, however special arrangement may be made to have additional horses brought out with a second horse trailer. Please contact us to make arrangements.
8. What should we bring and wear?
     - Please wear long pants! Covered shoes are required, preferably with a heel. During the summer, bring water, sunscreen, hat, and a smile! During the rainy season, dress in layers according to the temperature and precipitation. 
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Contact Us
Please note that your party will join us at the trailhead. The trailhead is chosen a 1-2 days prior to your ride and an email will go out with directions to the trailhead.

Additionally, we will send you a text message the day of the ride to ensure you received the directions. Please ensure your contact information is accurate when you make your reservation.

Trail rides are typically in the Ravensdale/Hobart area.

(425) 242-4774
(425) 281-0548 (text only)